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Hope for People Seeking Recovery From Mental Illness, Trauma and Substance Abuse

NRI Community Services Instills Hope and Promotes RecoveryAs of July 1st we are Community Care Alliance, a merger of NRI Community Services and Family Resources Community Action. Our new organization is a unified human service agency integrating resources, supports and programs to strengthen families, individuals and the broader community. While we are developing our new website, look for information about programs and services on this site and that of Family Resources Community Action. Our new site is www.CommunityCareRI.org

Providing Hope to Individuals and Families with Mental Health & Behavioral Health Needs

NRI Community Services is a multi-service non-profit health and human services agency agency that offers help with many emotional, mental health and substance abuse issues that may disrupt people's lives. Our services provide a full array of options that are tailored to the specific behavioral health needs of those of all ages.

We serve parts of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts from our offices in Woonsocket.

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Caring for Community

"Caring for Community" is embedded in our logo. For us, that means helping people become healthier, more self-reliant and better informed about the causes, symptoms and treatments of the illnesses they are experiencing. Because mental illness, substance use and addictions affect just about everyone — people like you, your neighbors and your friends — the work that we do impacts the community in many important ways.

Instilling Hope

Promoting Recovery & Wellness

All our clients are full partners with a team of professionals who respect their choices and help them develop their goals. The needs of the people we serve are the first consideration in our approach to treatment, and we prioritize home and community-based services so treatment is received where people live. We foster self-help, provide education, and integration within the community to reduce the risk of relapse.

By Attending to Health, Housing & Job Needs

All services are family-focused and address the physical, financial and housing needs of people as well as their behavioral health needs. We do this by: developing safe, affordable housing options; offering therapy and groups that promote self-help, wellness and peer support; providing job training and placement services, and by coordinating care with healthcare providers.

By Connecting With the Community

Beyond the mental health treatment that we provide, we step out into the community as educators, advocates, and consultants. For example, at NRICS we are committed to helping reduce community violence by providing interventions that reduce juvenile delinquency, and criminal justice involvement. By intervening for those exposed to violence, we create safer communities.

We provide education about mental illness and addictions, specialized training, risk assessment, and worksite analysis to other agencies and municipalities. We also provide technical assistance, consultation and training to numerous organizations on a wide-range of topics.